Tornado Safe Rooms


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Our unique experience in designing these shelters allow us to provide more than just a safe place during a storm. Our safe rooms are duel purpose spaces, thus solving many space needs for Schools and Communities.


Preliminary FEMA Analysis

If you are considering a safe room but don’t know where to start, let our Safe Room Experts assist you with a preliminary analysis of your needs, potential dual-use for a new safe room, probable cost, and what options may be available for assisted funding.

Cost Estimates

Maintaining and making sure your project stays on budget is one of our top priorities.  Through our proven process and track record of cost control, all costs in a project are considered day one and through each phase of your project.

Grant Writing

We understand the FEMA Safe Room process.  From putting in a formal notice of interest, grant writing assistance, design, construction to final closeout of the grant.  


The addition of a safe room to your campus not only provides near-absolute protection from an EF-5 tornado for your students, staff, and community but, when correctly planned, can help fill many programmatic gaps by creating dual-use spaces. Our extensive experience with Safe Rooms can provide you a seamless transition from standard construction to safe room construction. 

Construction Administration

Just as important as design, it is imperative during construction to have someone that has the experience and knowledge of the critical components of a safe room to ensure that it is not only designed to meet FEMA or ICC-500 standards but to be your trusted advisor throughout construction.

Project Management

Our collective team can assist you with the management of your project by collaboratively guiding you through the sometimes daunting task of managing the grant through the construction process on to final closeout of the grant. 


Carl Junction Schools  | Example Safe Room as Classrooms

Car Junction | Example Multipurpose Gym

Nixa Summit Classrooms

Monett Performing Arts Center

Carl Junction Indoor Practice Facility

FEMA 361

When it comes to building these structures there is a premium in the cost, However FEMA has grants programs that can help pay for the construction of these safe rooms. Through the Hazardous Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) or the Pre-Disaster Mitigation program (PDM), FEMA funding for safe rooms can cover up to 75% of the cost of construction for a facility that will provide near absolute protection during an EF-5 tornado.


As a Leader in FEMA safe room Design since 2006, Sapp Design Associates Architects has assisted dozens of midwest school districts and communities with obtaining grants, the design and the construction of FEMA rated safe rooms (tornado shelters) that can withstand an EF-5 tornado These shelters can be added to an existing facility, stand alone  or be incorporated into the design of a new facility. Safe Rooms do not have to just be “safe rooms” they  can serve dual purposes as multipurpose gyms, classrooms, cafeterias and community rooms.