Richland Schools

Project Information

  • YEAR: 2021
  • CLIENT: Richland School District
  • SIZE:
  • TYPE: New Construction
  • LOCATION: Richland, Missouri

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Richland Elementary, with the help of grant money, was given the opportunity to build a school and community storm shelter that will also serve as a library and three interactive classrooms. The addition is located onsite where three, 40+-year-old classroom trailers were previously located. The client was able to persuade the school board and the community that the age/cost of maintenance for the trailers combined with the added value of extra space the new facility would provide was worth the investment. 

The addition is accessed through what was previously the existing library. A portion of the previous library has been converted into a corridor while the remaining space has been reclaimed for classrooms. Rooms branching off the main library space open to support spaces and additional classrooms. The interior of the addition was designed so that one faculty member could have oversight over this entire area. We achieved this through strategic placement of furniture, windows, and doors. Color accents of ceiling and floor transitions help break up the open space into different functions while allowing an open plan.

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