We Have New Team Members

Posted By bsapp – Jul 29 | 2013

Sapp Design Associates Architects is growing and is pleased to announce the hiring of 4 new members to the team! SDA is committed to bringing together smart, talented people from a diversity of backgrounds!


Brad Mckenzie | AIA 

Brad has over 17 years of experience in all phases of architecture from due diligence through construction administration. He has worked on various project types including retail, churches, offices, and multiple medical and dental projects. Brad is also a skilled leader; before returning to his true passion of architecture he spent three years as Vice President of engineering at a national manufacturing company.

Ben Hall | Architectural Intern 

Benjamin is a native to Springfield and attended Drury University’s Hammon School of Architecture. While there, he studied at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad in Denmark. Benjamin has served 7 years in the United States Air Force Reserve as a Staff Sergeant, and graduated at the top of his class. [bra_border_divider]

Devon Swatzell | Architectural Intern 

Devon recently earned a Master of Architecture and minors in Business Administration and Global Studies from Drury University. Her college honors include the Deans Scholarship and Deans list each semester along with membership in Tau Sigma Delta Honor Society and Mortar Board National Honor Society.

Nick Beishir | Architectural Intern 

Nick recently earned his Masters of Architecture degree  from Drury University.  His College honors include the Librarium Award for Excellence in Design of the spring of 2011 -2012. He is involved with many phases of the design process and is currently member of the American Society of Architectural Illustrators.

Bonnie Crawford now AIA

Posted By bsapp – Nov 25 | 2012

We very pleased to announce that Bonnie Crawford has recently completed and passed her registration exams and officially received a Missouri Architectural License. Bonnie joined SDA Architects in June 2005 and is a graduate of Drury University. She is a member of the American Institute of Architects and a LEED Accredited Professional.

Her many responsibilities include programming, client relations, project management, and construction administration.  Her areas of professional expertise include project disciplines in recreation, education, religious and civic.

Project Management Training

Posted By bsapp – Jun 12 | 2012

It has been a very busy last couple of months and it is time to recognize some great achievements and anniversaries made by the SDA Team!

In April Kristi Beattie, Eric Street and John McNabb traveled to Chicago for Project Management Training. training was critical in educating them about the many aspect of effective project management and how to coordinate a project for success. It included topics such as Business Development, project planning & schedule, Development of a successful project Financial plan, personal productivity, and wrapping up a project.


Pam Haldiman Wins VESTA Award

Posted By bsapp – Nov 4 | 2011

This year at the 2011 Springfield Missouri Contractors Association Dinner, NAWAC (The National Association of Women in Construction ) Southwest Missouri Chapter presented Sapp Design Associates’s Pam Haldiman with this years VESTA Award.  VESTA is Greek and stands for one who rules with devotion and help.  To be eligible for this award you have to have more than 10 years in construction and Pam has over 30 years Experience.  Also many letters of recommendation must be submitted as well and reviewed by a group that is not associated with the construction industry. Here is just  a few snips  of what people had to say about Pam.

After the tornado in Joplin, Missouri that destroyed the Franklin Technology Center, The School District hired SDA Architects and Pam developed a close relationship with our staff and contractor. It was very apparent that she was respected throughout this project. Her previous experience in working with other Technology Centers enabled her to move fast and understand the complexities of a building such at the FTC. It is with very high regard, that I recommend Pam Haldiman.

Dave Rockers – Director Franklin Technology Center

Pam Halidiman is the best listener I have ever known and she then causes that listening to become buildings; building that are beautiful, functional, on budget, on time and that the children of this district love.

Richard L. Henson, Ed.D. – Superintendent of Clever R-V Schools

It is without hesitation that I recommend Mrs. Pam Haldiman, She has worked tirelessly to serve our district and our patrons. Each of the four construction projects Pam has assisted with in our district have turned out to be incredible assets to our school system with students in mind as she worked in partnership with our board, administration, and staff to create a learning environment that was appropriate for each group.

John E. Jungmann – Superintendent of Monett R-1 Schools

As a Project Superintendent for RE Smith Construction Co for the past twenty years I have worked with many Architects on construction project of various sizes and scope. As an architect I have found Pam to be a step above the rest, professional in every way. Her honesty and integrity is without question. Pam has a great vision for a project along with an ability to understand and work through problems that always arise during construction. Her leadership has helped me to complete many successful projects. In a word Pam has “Class”, something you don’t see a lot these days.

John Carr – Project Supt. RE Smith Construction


Appointed to Springfield AIA

Posted By bsapp – Oct 25 | 2011

Congratulations to John McNabb who has been appointed to serve as a director on the Springfield AIA board.  His term will run through 2014.  John McNabb joined Sapp Design Associates in 2004 and received his architecture license in 2009.



Kristi L. Beattie – AIA

Posted By bsapp – Sep 1 | 2011

Sapp Design Associates Architects, P.C. is very pleased to announce that Kristi Beattie has recently completed and passed her registration exams and received a Missouri Architectural License. Ms. Beattie joined SDA Architects in May 2004 and is a past graduate of Drury University. She is a member of the American Institute of Architects and a LEED Accredited Professional. Ms. Beattie has served on the design team for many of the firm’s significant projects including Ozark Recreation Center, Nixa City Hall, and Carl Junction Community Center. Her main responsibilities include programming, client relations, project management and construction administration. Her areas of professional expertise include project disciplines in recreation, education, religious and civic

New Allgeier, Martin & Associates Offices

Posted By bsapp – Apr 5 | 2011

Construction has recently been completed for the Allgeier, Martin & Associates project.  The new facility is located on a 5 acre site in the Joplin Business Park.  The site backs up to I-44 which allows for visibility from the interstate.  The facility is a 30,000 s.f. 1-story building, it includes a partial basement that houses storage, and the main level consists of Executive offices, Electrical & Civil Engineering workstations, Survey Department, & Print Shop.

The building has an open floor plan which allows for a flexible layout of the various work stations.  The two engineering departments work stations are located in the center and the executive offices are grouped around the perimeter.  This allows the managers to have more direct contact with their various teams.

The exterior of the building is a combination of brick and metal panels, gives the building a sleek hi-tech contemporary look.  There are large windows on all sides of the building which allows for natural light to illuminate the building during the daytime and minimize the amount of artificial light required.

Even though this project was not submitted for LEED certification, there are several green elements that were incorporated into the design to maximize its efficiency and promote sustainable design.  The building’s envelope was designed with a high R-value for the walls and roof and the windows have a superior glass which enhances its thermal qualities.  Indoor air quality was protected by making sure the ductwork was not contaminated during construction and most of the materials selected for the projected were low VOC’s to minimize the off-gasing during and after construction.

Sapp Design Associates – Architects – Springfield, Missouri

New Associated Electric Cooperative Corporate Offices

Posted By bsapp – Mar 24 | 2011

Associated Electric Cooperative has recently completed a new office building tower to its existing campus to accommodate current and future needs.  This 50,000 s.f. 3-story facility includes a basement and will house Executive offices, Training rooms, Board of Directors Meeting Room, and Engineers workstations for Power Marketing and Power Production.  A variety of Conference rooms and meeting rooms are strategically placed on each floor to accommodate multiple departments.

Sustainable Design alternatives have been incorporated in order to obtain a USGBC LEEDGold Certification.  This will include a Geo-thermal mechanical system, high efficiency lighting, recycled building materials, locally manufactured materials, and a high thermal efficient rated building envelope.

The Geo-thermal mechanical system was one of the most significant decisions made during the design of the new AECI.  This HVAC system, also called ground source heat pumps, is among the most energy efficient systems available.   For this project, it is projected that operations of the building could achieve as much as 42% savings over a typical non geo-thermal forced air system.

So much of the energy consumed within a building is contributed to the lighting of thebuilding.  For this project, high efficient light fixtures were specified.  Appliances were specified with the ENERGY STAR label.    Cool roofing material was specified.  These light colored building materials reflect rather than absorb solar heat, thus avoiding the “heat up” of the building and eliminating the need to run the cooling equipment for as long.

The same approach was taken in choosing pavement.  Light colored concrete was used rather than asphalt to eliminate the “heat island effect”.  Dark asphalt pavements reflect heat into the atmosphere adjacent to building and can significantly increase the ambient temperature.  This puts greater demand on the building’s cooling systems driving the cost of energy consumption up.

One of the most effective ways to reduce the consumption of energy is to construction a building with outstanding thermal resistance.  This is called the R-value and SDA designed the roof and wall systems of the AECI building to maximize the r-value.  R-value for wall, by code, has to be R-13.  AECI exterior walls are R-37.  For the roof assembly, the code requires R-15 and we designed a system that is R-26.  Insulation is one of the cheapest ways to enhance thermal resistance.  Low-E and reflective coatings were used on the glass to maximize the window’s thermal performance.

Water conservation is an important element of “green” building.  To achieve a 20% reduction in water usage, high efficiency plumbing fixtures were specified.

The goal for this project was to divert 75% of trash that is generated to sources that will recycle the materials for other uses.  Trash was segregated on the job site and construction waste contracts arranged for their responsible removal.

The AECI building addition endeavored to specify as many building materials as possible that are regional (within 500 miles of the project), which decreased transportation costs and helped support the local economy.  The goal for the AECI project was to procure 20% of the building materials regionally.

To achieve a healthy work environment, the air quality must be maintained.  During construction, special care has been taken to assure ductwork is not contaminated while construction activities are going on.  Many materials give off harmful gases called volatile organic compounds, or VOC’s.  This is known to contribute to a “sick building syndrome”.  SDA specified the maximum amount of VOC’s allowed for items such as paints, sealants, adhesives, and carpets to insure healthy indoor air quality.


John M. McNabb – Now Licensed Architect

Posted By bsapp – Feb 6 | 2010

Sapp Design Associates Architects, P.C. is very pleased to announce that John M. McNabb has recently completed and passed his registration exams and received a Missouri Architectural License. Mr. McNabb joined SDA Architects in June 2004 and is a past graduate of Drury University. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects. Mr. McNabb has served on the design team for many of the firm’s significant projects including Additions & Renovations to Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. (under construction) located in Springfield, Missouri. His areas of expertise includes programming, project management and construction administration services. Areas of professional expertise include project disciplines in educational, religious, municipal and commercial facilities.