Best Places To Work 2022

Posted By Sapp Design – Sep 8 | 2022

We Made the Top 10!

Moving up from #20 to #9 in Biz 417 Best Places to Work 2022 is a testament to how hard we strive each year to improve and provide a great work environment for our team members! We were honored this year to share this award with several fantastic companies here in 417land and show off our team spirit!! Congrats to all the other winners

Biz 417’s Best Places to Work is a celebration of elite employers who have proven that they know what it takes to create environments where people love to come to work. Identifying and recognizing these outstanding workplaces was a joint effort of Biz 417 Magazine and Best Companies Group.

The Best Places to Work program was open to all publicly or privately held organizations in the 417 region. To be eligible for consideration, organizations must have at least 15 employees in the region, being headquartered in the region was not a requirement.

The “Best Places to Work” survey process was managed by Best Companies Group (BCG). BCG, an independent workplace excellence research firm, managed the registration process, conducted the two-part survey process, evaluated the data, and ultimately chose the employers that were good enough to make the list.

Happy 35th Anniversary

Posted By Sapp Design – Feb 9 | 2022

Today we celebrate 35 years working with our Senior Project Manager Pam Haldiman! Pam is a huge part of Sapp Designs Architects’ success, having worked on over 900+ projects, specifically in the area of Safe Rooms, which will protect 1000s of people across the midwest. Not only is her work immensely appreciated she has been a great mentor to all who have worked with her. So with that being said, we say thank you and happy work anniversary!

Dr. Kleinsmith Joins the Team

Posted By Sapp Design – Jun 1 | 2019

Dr. Kleinsmith recently retired from 18 highly successful years as superintendent of Nixa Public Schools. During his career in Nixa, he lead many highly successful bond issues by pioneering advanced communication strategies to keep a community engaged and informed at all times.

Dr. Kleinsmith joined Sapp Design as an educational consultant to apply a uniquely passionate and insightful perspective to the Sapp Design team. His focus is to keep the team informed and up to speed with the trends and issues currently effecting education and how that might translate into the built environment. Dr. Kleinsmith’s experience also applies districts who may need help formulating campaign and community engagement strategies that foster long term community buy-in and trust.

Welcoming Jacob Mclain

Posted By Sapp Design – May 20 | 2019

Jacob Mclain joins Sapp Design Architects full-time after graduating from Drury University with a Masters in Architecture. Jacob has worked part-time for the firm during his senior year and has become a vital team member working on some of the firms most complex projects.

Jacob wanted to become an architect to physically impact people’s daily life through my design. For Jacob, Architecture has always been about the experience and drive to have others feel the influence a building can have on the individuals using the space. 

At Sapp Design his focus area of interest includes mostly public and commercial work but has  particular  interest in mixed-use architecture, combining live-work-play into one. The more lives he can positively influence with design, the better. Architecture presents opportunities for designers such as himself to use creative ways to be environmentally conscience and sustainable, something that is on the forefront of everyone’s mind nowadays. If we can lead by example through sustainable building design, then that starts to set a precedent for everyone to follow in their daily lives.

Welcoming Jennifer Fick

Posted By Sapp Design – Mar 4 | 2019

Jennifer Fick, is the second interior designer to join the Sapp Design team. She is graduate of Missouri State’s Interior Design and Construction Management program and has been working in the industry for the last 3 years. Her past experience has been in the residential market working with homeowners and builders designing detailed casework. She now ready to grow those skills in the commercial design markets.

Jennifer is excited to combine her many talents and interest in a creative and innovative ways by identifying the purpose of the space integrated with the thought-process of how people interact. She believes the cognitive ergonomics is a fascinating design element that she enjoys integrating into space planning, furniture selection, and finish selection.

A Conversation with … Cheryl Doran

Posted By Sapp Design – Dec 10 | 2018

A Conversation With … Cheryl Doran

Director of Interior Design at Sapp Design Associates Architects PC

Posted online 

How do you judge good design?
I’m always about the wow factor. Have you ever stepped in a room and felt like, “Oh, this is kind of weird,” and left the lobby or left the room and nothing engaged you, something didn’t feel right? Successful interior design is not just about creating a beautiful space, but creating an experience that leaves a powerful, lasting impression.

What are some of the hot trends in the industry?
I’ve got a designer group that I hang out with and we coined the term “resi-mercial.” You’re seeing the commercial design blend with residential. You’re getting the soft textures; you’re still getting the whites, the grays and the warm tones. It’s a real comfortable feeling with a lot of textures.

What trends have you enjoyed watching over the years?
Everything comes around. You’re seeing the ‘70s come back. You’re seeing the mid-century modern in all the furniture come back. Any design that you’re seeing right now has modern with it. Whether it’s modern rustic, modern renaissance, you’re going to see kind of the clean, simple lines. Last year was all the gray tones – the whites, the marbles – and I think now you’re going to see gold come back in. Not like the shiny brass, they’re more of a dull gold. You are seeing some shimmer, and that brings back that modern feel.

Tell me about your experience at Mercy before joining Sapp.
When the tornado hit Mercy in Joplin, Mercy recruited me to help rebuild that hospital. They have lots of projects. We did a children’s hospital. We’ve done a heart hospital. We always designed around the patient. We look for easy wayfinding, we looked for warmth. They don’t want this sterile atmosphere. They want their space; they don’t want it to be right next to somebody all the time. We just finished the new cafeteria. The existing cafeteria was there for 50 years. So what we’re designing now is going to have to last for another, hopefully, 50 years. That’s why you see durable, cleanable materials.

You started with Sapp in October. Tell me about the new interior design department you’re leading.
Sapp is wanting to build the interior department instead of consulting out. The main benefits for that is teamwork. You can work collaboratively with architects from start to finish. It’s more of a full picture. I’m doing the lighting, the technologies, the space, the furniture, the colors. I like clean and simple. I’m more of the modern approach.

How has your role shifted as you’ve been in this industry for 24 years?  
The industry has shifted. In schools, security is one big one now and the other is flexibility. When you go into an elementary school now that we’re designing, you’re going to see high-top tables, you’re going to see low cushions, you’re going to see floor seating, you’re going to see a desk with a computer. You’re going to see a lot less walls. You’re seeing that in offices, as well. You’re going to see less corner offices, less private offices. Sapp is designing its new office and we’re not going to have any private offices. Your status is shown by the way you lead.

What are some of the projects you’re working on now?
The Boys and Girls Club asked me last week to come over, and they want to turn one of their classrooms into a recording studio. I designed a wall of all old album covers, like Kiss and The Rolling Stones and even Johnny Cash. I did some cool vintage rugs and a stage and a sound booth. School of the Osage has several buildings that we’re working on. We’re doing 36 libraries in Kansas City, wrapping up seven libraries in St. Louis, and The Ridge, First Watch, Goodman Elementary and a new office concept for Associated Electric [Cooperative Inc.]

Now Offering Interior Design!

Posted By Sapp Design – Oct 1 | 2018

Sapp Design Architects, announces the start of it’s new Interior Design Department with the recent hire of its new Director of Interior Design.

Cheryl Doran is joining the team at Sapp Design as Director of Interiors with 24 years of experience. During the last 8 years, she was the Director of Planning and Design for Mercy Health Systems. she is a Springfield native who is involved in various community and professional organizations and has taught Interior Design at Missouri State University. She won “interior designer of the year” award from 417 over 3 different years. She is ASID and LEED AP and ASHE healthcare Certified. Her role is to start and lead our new Interiors department and help build it. She should be able to hit the ground running with her experience and background.

Cheryl is proactive driven leader with a passion to contribute to a shared mission. She strives to lead the vision and inspire with a strong purpose. Being a positive and an action-oriented team leader she is ready to build collaborative project teams that lead to successful projects.

Welcoming Jade Johnson!

Posted By Sapp Design – May 18 | 2018

Sapp Design is excited to announce that Jade Johnson has joined our team as an architectural designer after graduating from Drury University Master of Architecture with minors in Design Arts and Fine Arts.

Jade’s passion for design started at a very young age initially with interior design but quickly grew into a holistic love for buildings as a whole with belief that design has the ability to inspire and cultivate creative spaces for all types of users to enjoy.

Kathy Allee is Retiring

Posted By bsapp – Dec 31 | 2013


After 17 years our beloved Executive Secretary is retiring.  Over the years Kathy has represented our company with grace, professionalism and a welcoming face as you walk through the front door.  We are all happy for her to start this exciting new phase of her life, but are going to miss the amazing custom cakes and treats she would take the time to make for each persons birthday.

Congratulations Kathy and Happy Retirement!

Bonnie Crawford Wins Rosebud Award!

Posted By bsapp – Nov 8 | 2013


This year at the 2013 Springfield Missouri Contractors Association Dinner, NAWIC  (The National Association of Women in Construction ) Southwest Missouri Chapter presented SDA’s Bonnie Crawford, AIA , LEED AP with this year’s Rosebud Award. NAWIC’s prestigious Rosebud award celebrates outstanding woman in construction who have 10 years or less experience in the field of construction. To win this prestigious award many letters of recommendation must be submitted and is reviewed by a group not associated with the construction industry.

Bonnie Joined SDA in 2005 after graduating from Drury University’s Hammons School of Architecture.  Since that time Bonnie has completed her Architectural Registration exams and is now a Licensed Architect and has participated in several landmark projects in our community. Bonnie excels at each challenge and responsibility she is given with a positive “let’s get it done” attitude and always with a meticulous eye for detail.  Bonnie is not only a valuable member of our Team, but also to the Design and Construction Industry as a whole by investing her time and energy into educating students at various career activities and through the Springfield Contractors Association Scholarship Committee.

Client Quotes,

“Bonnie Crawford is the best listener I have ever known and she then causes that listening to become buildings; buildings that are beautiful, functional, and that the children of this district love.”

 Richard L. Henson, Ed.D. – Superintendent of Clever R-V Schools