Greening Nixa Schools

Posted By bsapp – May 17 | 2011

This is the fourth presentation this year for Nixa’s schools Adopt-a-class program that SDA has been participating in throughout the year.  Each class presentation consists of educating the students on different types of sustainable/green principles in building construction.  This fourth session is final installment where the children use what they have learned from the previous presentations to design their own green dream home.  The children will design their own floor plan and then they call out all of the different green elements that they have incorporated into their dream home.  Then next week we will return and the children will present their dream home designs to the rest of the class.



Fredericktown Middle School

Posted By bsapp – May 12 | 2011

In April 2010, the Fredericktown Middle School was destroyed by a fire.  The school district and community quickly worked together to get the students back into a temporary learning environment until the school could be re-built. After Fire The remains of the existing building proved to be unusable after extensive forensic testing.  Therefore, the school district grasped the opportunity to build a new middle school at the high school location to create a campus.  This presented the opportunity to share sports facilities and reduce transportation time.

The new Middle school boasts a state-of-the-art science laboratory, computer labs, and a multi-media library.  The gymnasium is designed as a designated FEMA 361 shelter and sized for tournaments.  Students entering this school will have the opportunity to learn with new equipment and furnishings along with cutting edge technology that includes smart boards and computer banks in every classroom as well as ipads available for multi-media learning.  The Main entrance to the school opens into a Commons / cafeteria during the day.  This spacious gathering spot – complete with a double height clerestory for natural daylighting –  functions as overflow space during indoor sporting events and as seating for the adjacent performing arts platform.  A discretely-placed operable partition converts the Performing Arts platform into a bonus classroom during school hours.  The new music room houses all of the required music storage with flexible power supply and acoustics.

Budget, always a concern for school districts, has been a strict compass for this project. The materials have been selected with cost in mind, but foremost, the quality and required maintenance in order to minimize operating costs in the future.  Brick, a durable, environmentally sustainable product will be used for the majority of the building’s cladding, while fiber cement board will be incorporated to provide long-term durability at a lower cost.  The interior is comprised of multiple materials that combine to be environmentally responsible even on a tight budget. Some of these materials include cmu block walls, high-efficiency lighting, low-flow plumbing fixtures, and no-wax resilient flooring.

Soon, the halls will be filled with eager students, curious to explore their new middle school stomping grounds.  This building will usher in the new era of the Fredericktown School District, bringing with it the hope of the future, and the excitement of opportunity.




Freedom Bank | Willard, Mo

Posted By bsapp – May 11 | 2011

Freedom Bank is currently under design. The site is located at the intersection of Highway 160 and State Highway AB in Willard, Missouri. Freedom Bank is headquartered out of Cassville, Missouri and has another location in Seligman, Missouri. They currently have a small facility in Willard, but they are ready to expand and create more of a presence in the city.

The building is to be approximately 4,900 SF. The design is taking on the form of three gables with one large central gable, which contains the logo of the bank. The building structure will be wood frame and the roof structure will be primarily wood trusses. The materials used are stone, on the wainscot and columns, brick, heavy timber, and fiber cement panels. The timber will create a warm band around the entry, creating a horizontal extension of the tiered fascia.



Sapp Design Celebrates 25 years!

Posted By bsapp – Apr 10 | 2011

Sapp Design Associates Architects recently celebrated 25 years of business with an open house event, It was great to see over 200 people that represented current clients, past clients, consultants, vendors and friends who have played a significant role in the success of this firm. Since our beginning in 1986, we have been focused on creating Great Places that are Timeless in Design. We are humbled to have been associated with so many great people who have made this journey possible. Twenty five years is a milestone that represents the stability and strength few architecture firms experience in today’s marketplace.


Just as Architectural Design is ever changing so is the SDA team. As we move into our next Quarter century we have updated our logo, launched a new innovative website and expanded our practice to International regions. As a client centered operation we are anxious to continue our existing relationships and foster new associations.

New Woodneath Branch Library

Posted By bsapp – Mar 31 | 2011

The Woodneath Branch Library will be the newest addition to the Mid-Continent Library District’s collection of library facilities that cover the surrounding metropolitan areas of Kansas City spanning three counties. The new 35,000 square foot “destination” library will partially encompass the existing historic Elbridge Arnold “Woodneath” Homestead located at 8900 NE Flintlock Road in Kansas City, Clay County, Missouri. The original homestead, which is currently situated on a 33 acre site, was constructed circa 1855-1856 and is recorded with the local and federal historic registers.
The new library will include many amenities such as public meeting areas, an automated collection sorting system, a drive thru window, considerable computer resources, private study areas, and an area dedicated to food service. The collection areas will be divided into spaces that serve appropriate age groups with the individual areas separated by seating and reading areas. The children’s library will be themed in an agricultural setting to pay homage to the rich history of the homestead’s past. The new facility will be constructed using high efficiency mechanical and lighting systems along with a high performance building envelope and will strive to achieve a LEED Silver Certification.
SDA is currently in the design development phase, working hand in hand with MCPL thru the city of Kansas City MO planning process, of which the project recently received its Certificate of Appropriateness from the KCMO Landmarks Commission. This was a huge step in the process and we’re excited to have attained this accomplishment. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to develop this exciting project!

Mid-Continent Public Library Grand Opening

Posted By bsapp – Mar 11 | 2011

On Saturday, March 12th, the Mid-Continent Public Library celebrated the Grand Opening of their recently renovated North Independence Branch with a Dedication and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. SDA attended the event, along with several local patrons, state and local representatives, and MCPL past and present Board and staff members. The 45,000 sq. ft. project entailed a complete interior remodel along with some exterior enhancements. SDA worked closely with the MCPL staff and the Board of Trustees to develop a “destination library” concept for the facility. Construction for the renovation began in December of 2009 and took approximately 12 months to complete. Congratulations to MCPL and all those who worked on this successful and exciting venture.

Waynesville East Elementary School Renovations

Posted By bsapp – Feb 28 | 2011

The Waynesville East Elementary School project was very unique and challenging, like most of SDA school projects.  This existing K-2 elementary school was a victim of multiple additions by various architects, resulting in a overall school layout that was fraught with spatial organizational problems.

These are the worst kinds of problems because as devoted as the staff and administration are, their effectiveness is lessen by poor spatial relationship.  In this case, one side of the school (the kindergarten), could not physically go to the other side of the building (the first/second grade wing) without passing through the always crowded multipurpose cafeteria/auditorium space.

Over the years, to compensate for this spatial challenge, the administration functions were split up. A main office for the principal was located at a poorly marked “main” entry at the first/second grade side of the building, and another redundant administration office for the assistant principal was located at the kindergarten side near another minor front entrance to the building. When a visitor would drive up to the front of the building, there were numerous entrance, leaving little visual queue on where to enter and check-in. Along with this internal dysfunction, there were problems with the front visitor/bus parking lot.  This is where over 50 buses in three shifts arrived each day to drop off and pick up the kids.

SDA fixed all of these problems. First, we designed addition at the front of the building that housed ONE main administration suite, ONE well-marked secured main entrance with high visibility of the bus/parking lot and all of the new corridors leading to various areas of the building.   Secondly, we expanded the front bus/visitor parking lot to accommodate visitors and buses who are now able to co-exist.

To top this challenging project off, we will do all of this work during the summer vacation of 2011.  Now that’s great planning!!!

Nixa Adopt-a-Class: Climate

Posted By bsapp – Feb 9 | 2011

Nixa Adopt-a-Class:  Climate
On Thursday, February 10th, Eric Street and Bonnie Crawford met with Ms. Fairchild’s 6th grade class at Summit Elementary School in Nixa to instruct on the topic of “Climate.”  They discussed the temperate climate of southwest Missouri and how residents can use the natural light, native plantings, and cool breezes to passively light, heat, cool, and ventilate the built environment.  This was part of an ongoing lesson plan to improve students’ understanding of what it means to be “Green.”

Donald W. Reynolds Library

Posted By bsapp – Oct 9 | 2010

SDA and the administration of the Baxter County Library worked collaboratively through the planning process for a new library facility from 2001 thru 2007.  These efforts were rewarded in January, 2008, when the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation (DWRF) awarded a $9.8 million grant to build and furnish a new 35,500 square foot, two-story library located in Mountain Home Arkansas.

On October 9, 2010 the Donald W. Reynolds Library was dedicated to the residents of Baxter County and the surrounding area.  The new state-of-the-art facility includes expanded areas for children and teens, study rooms, comfortable reading areas, several public access computers, a coffee shop, gift shop, a local history and genealogy room, and well equipped community meeting rooms.

While LEED Certification was not pursued, the facility incorporates many sustainable features such as a geothermal heating and cooling system, a high performance building envelope, and a rain water collection system for landscaping irrigation.

Congratulations to the Baxter County Library for all of their persistence and hard work in making their vision become a reality.  If you’re ever in the Mountain Home area you definitely need to stop by and see this incredible state-of-the-art facility.

Monett Elementary Ground Breaking

Posted By bsapp – Jun 23 | 2010

Ground-breakingOn Wednesday, June 23 the Monett R-1 School District celebrated the start of construction of the Additions and Alterations to their Elementary School with the Groundbreaking Ceremony. The District Superintendent, Principal, Assistant Principal, past and present school board members, and the elementary summer school students and teachers were on hand for a photo opportunity and a chance to turn some dirt at the location of the future Commons Area and Administration Suite. They were joined by members of SDA Architects, who worked closely with the Board of Education, faculty, and staff to design the school additions, which will join three of the nine existing campus buildings under one roof. The Project Manager and on-site Superintendent from R. E. Smith Construction were also present and ready to begin demolition and construction.