Posted By Sapp Design – Jul 10 | 2019

The Sapp Design team was asked to present on school safety and our work on securing new and existing facilities at the MSBA’s 2019 Center for Education Safety. Our presentation focused on the challenges districts face in today’s world of protecting our kids and minimizing opportunities for an intruder to gain easy access into buildings. Our presentation will review different options to improve the safety and security of schools during school hours from unwanted intrusion without building a fortress. Key strategies and simple retrofits to existing buildings and smart design for new facilities that help keep our kids safe.

About the Center for Education Safety

Ensuring our public schools remain among the safest places for our students, faculty, staff, and visitors is a top priority for every school district. A safe and secure learning environment is essential for student success. However, our schools continue to face numerous safety and security issues for which they must be prepared so effective teaching and learning can take place.

The Missouri School Boards’ Association’s Center for Education Safety (CES) is the only statewide school safety organization in Missouri and is supported and operated solely by MSBA. The CES is dedicated to enhancing various aspects of emergency planning, preparedness, and safety and security in schools throughout Missouri. CES not only provides professional expertise through its staff on specific topics, it also serves as a clearinghouse for reliable school safety information and resources.