Carl Junction Community Center Update

Posted By bsapp – Jun 19 | 2010

Well, we are almost there . . . . Construction on the Carl Junction Community Center is almost complete and it is looking great! It even has that great new building smell! All of the flooring is down, the carpet and the resilient flooring all look great. One of the most impressive elements is a curve that meanders throughout the entire building consisting of different flooring materials depending on where in the building it is. The curve even makes its way out of the building and is incorporated in the planter outside.

The furniture is in! The senior center, city hall and the recreation lounge area have all received new furniture this week, and it looks great, everybody will definitely be sitting in style. One of the concepts behind this building was being environmentally friendly, here at SDA we are very pleased at how bright the building stays during the day. Both the clerestory windows in the Lobby and Senior Center allow an abundant amount of light to flood the spaces and keep everything bright without using all of the lights. Also, the offices within the city hall have light shelves. These shelves allow light to reflect back upwards and fill the office with ambient light. They work great and also keep the offices bright. This is truly a one of a kind community center and we are very excited for the citizens of Carl Junction to be using this building. If you have not been by yet make a trip out to the center, you will be glad you did!

SDA Attends Clever Career Fair

Posted By bsapp – Apr 6 | 2010

The career fair at Clever consisted of 7th – 12th grades. 9th and 11th grades were brought in for 30 minutes and were allowed to talk with the business or trade of their choice. All of the students were required to complete a handout and had to ask questions of the attendees on a one-on-one basis in order to receive credit. The setting was very similar to a tradeshow in that students who were interested in construction or architecture came by our “booth” to find out more. SDA can be proud of the fact that we were one of the most popular booths attended. The kids asked great questions and sincerely demonstrated an interest in architecture and construction. In addition, after attending multiple educational and outreach formats, this was one of the most successful methods of engaging the students.

A Review of Green Topics with 6th Graders

Posted By bsapp – Mar 1 | 2010

This classroom collaboration was initiated by Michael Sapp of Sapp Design Associates Architects at the beginning of the school year. He asked the District if they could visit a classroom each month and enhance their science curriculum with lessons on environmental design. The goal was to assist students in becoming knowledgeable about environmental issues and to teach simple actions that all citizens can take to protect our natural resources for future generations.
This spring, SDA staff continues to visit with Julie Karlson’s sixth grade science class at Inman Elementary School in Nixa, MO to review “Green Topics”. In the first three lessons, we discussed “green” terminology, the meaning of sustainability, solar and climate information, as well as the basic building elements and the role they play in providing shelter from harsh climate while also utilizing good climate. With all of this information, the last two lessons will be focused on pulling together a simple house plan and applying what they have learned about climate and environmental forces to the design.
At our fourth session last week, students were given a class assignment to design their dream “green” home. This session was presented by Steve Telscher and John McNabb. The kids are terrific and quite knowledgeable about environmental issues. They are having a great time designing like an architect. Next month, their house designs will be displayed and each student will discuss the “green” elements if their design