Springfield AIA Helps Joplin Plan

Posted By bsapp – Oct 19 | 2011

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) conducted a design charrette for the City of Joplin on Oct. 13-14.  The SDA team was excited for the opportunity to get involved and work with the AIA and CART for some hands-on design work to help develop project ideas for Joplin’s recovery. This was a significant event where design professionals from allover the region came together to work out ideas and develop the vision and goals set forth by the Citizens AdvisorySteve Telscher Recovery Team (CART).  This two-day event included members of the CART, the City of Joplin, Chamber of Commerce, FEMA, State resources, architects, engineers, planners, and many other volunteers. The event concluded with a “presentation of ideas” to the public in an Open House format on Friday, Oct. 14th. CART is preparing for the Nov. 7 Council Meeting and the AIA will be using the information to put together a booklet to document the process and outcome.