Freedom Bank | Willard, Mo

Posted By bsapp – May 11 | 2011

Freedom Bank is currently under design. The site is located at the intersection of Highway 160 and State Highway AB in Willard, Missouri. Freedom Bank is headquartered out of Cassville, Missouri and has another location in Seligman, Missouri. They currently have a small facility in Willard, but they are ready to expand and create more of a presence in the city.

The building is to be approximately 4,900 SF. The design is taking on the form of three gables with one large central gable, which contains the logo of the bank. The building structure will be wood frame and the roof structure will be primarily wood trusses. The materials used are stone, on the wainscot and columns, brick, heavy timber, and fiber cement panels. The timber will create a warm band around the entry, creating a horizontal extension of the tiered fascia.