What Does a Full-Service Architecture Firm Do?

Posted By Sapp Design – Jun 22 | 2020

Many people understand the role of an architect in a very limited way: blueprints, floor plans, and drafting tables. However, full-service architectural firms like Sapp Design provide a much wider range of services that can truly make a real difference for your construction project. 

Read on in today’s blog from Sapp Design to learn the answer to this common question: “What does a full-service architecture firm do?”

1. Guidance from the Beginning

A full-service architecture firm can provide expert guidance from the very beginning, so your vision for the design is fully manifested in the finished project. We can be there with you on the first site visit, to analyze the site and make sure the property is appropriate for your goals. From site selection to concept development and drafting, a full-service architect provides valuable guidance, right from the start.

2. Advanced Technology for Design Development

Sapp Design can create realistic, navigable, three-dimensional renderings of your architectural plans, so you can “try before you buy” and ensure that your architectural design is everything you imagined. Full-service architectural firms utilize cutting-edge technology to ensure every detail is fully planned and properly implemented.

3. The Experience to Keep Costs Under Control

There are hundreds of details that can go awry and become hung up during the construction process. This creates unplanned expenses and costly time delays. Many full-service architectural firms provide cost estimation and construction observation services, ensuring that the project budget is well-established and the construction proceeds according to your budget and timeline. 

4. Peace of Mind You Can Count On

Whether you are building a new location for your business or an academic building for your university campus, you want an architect who can provide certainty. You want certainty about your vision, certainty about your budget, and certainty about your timeline.

You might have investors with high standards. You might have local public officials with fixed completion date requirements. A full-service architectural firm can provide the certainty you need to fulfill the vision of your project, giving you peace of mind you can count on.

Sapp Design Is Your Full-Service Architectural Firm

We have more than 30 years of proven excellence in full-service architectural design in Springfield and Kansas City. Check out our gallery of featured projects to confirm our capabilities. Reach out to the team at Sapp Design to learn more about how a full-service architectural firm can make a difference for your project.

ColorMix Forcast 2020

Posted By Sapp Design – Oct 21 | 2019

Sapp Designers welcomed in Sherwin Williams color of the year for 2020, Naval SW6244, a strong, brave, confident deep navy, at the Color Forecast on October 15th. The color of the year is a shade of sophistication that will be paired with natural tones and materials such as soft leathers, gleaming metals, and polished marbles. The trending color coordinates are mute gold, canary yellow, and kale green. In addition to the color of the year, Sherwin Williams forecasted five trendsetting color palettes: Mantra, Heart, Haven, Play, and Alive. Each pallet has a unique array of hues that establishes the overall theme of the year, “Color in Balance.”

Mantra is calm muted pastels coordinating together to influence a sense of minimalism, serenity, and sanctuary. We will see soft, warm neutrals highlighted with dusty rose, mauve, and teals. Clean lines with accents of natural elements and solids embrace the feeling of peace.

Heart is a twist on Mantra with a slight edge. The bohemian influenced palette is unique and modern with twists of emotion. Shades of clay neutrals with a speckle of coral is influenced by humanity.

Haven, Sapp Design’s personal favorite, is a phenomenal array of earth tones embracing heath and simplicity. The palette includes shades of warm greens, soft neutrals, and touches of bold confident hues of blue and yellow.

Play is truly unique with energy and joy. The bold hues in this palette create a dynamic collection with a base solid of whites. The palette includes blues, oranges, yellows, and pinks. Punchy Pink is still in trend but forecasted to plateau and evolve into a blush pink that would still be utilized as a fun energic vibe.

Alive is truly appealing with rich tones influenced by optimism and globalization. These tones are a celebration of positivity evoked with a sense of community. The deep tones of navy and olive paired with pink-under toned neutrals will make a bold statement in any space.

Overall, the design industry seems to be embracing colors and materials that influence positivity and comfort in the space. Sapp is excited to embrace and drive the new trends of colors and materials into 2020.

Link: https://www.sherwin-williams.com/architects-specifiers-designers/color/color-forecast/2020-color-foreca

30,000 Safe Nights!

Posted By bsapp – Feb 10 | 2017

Harmony House – Domestic Violence Shelter Opens

Harmony House of Springfield Missouri provided safe emergency housing to families escaping domestic violence. The shelter provides, case management and advocacy to more than 700 women and children. Their mission is to help women break the cycle of domestic violence and live live free from abuse.

What started as an old three level hotel was drastically renovated to become a new domestic violence shelter for 160 people. The old shelter is more than 100 years old and had a capacity of only 100 beds. The new Harmony House features 160 beds and larger rooms that can sleep up to 4 people and have private bathrooms.This increased capacity equates to 30,000 safe nights of sleep. One of the new key features is a medical exam room overseen by Mercy Hospital nurses who will provide basic medical attention. The new space has conference areas, child care rooms, and a commercial kitchen.


How Technology is Impacting Student Learning

Posted By bsapp – Aug 12 | 2011

While this info graphic focuses more on college students, there is no reason to exclude the idea that these facts would not apply to the k-12 arena. Technology along with Social Media is a force that is evolving everyday and challenges us as Architects to effectively plan and provide insight into the latest trends.

Via: OnlineEducation.net