Rolling Hills Library

Project Information

  • YEAR: 2024
  • CLIENT: Rolling Hills Library
  • SIZE: 36,000 SF
  • TYPE: New Construction
  • LOCATION: St. Joseph, Missouri

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The current library facility in St. Joseph was initially erected in the 1970s as a strip mall and repurposed by the library in 2003. While this facility has served the library well for many years, it falls short of adequately meeting the demands of modern library services. Despite efforts to adapt the space, its limitations hinder the ability to deliver optimal services to the community it serves. To fulfill the library’s commitment to excellence both now and in the future, The Rolling Hills Library is planning a new building that can better accommodate the evolving needs of patrons and provide a superior library experience.

The new 36,000-square-foot Rolling Hills Library is planned to be a beacon of innovation and accessibility, boasting an array of features tailored to enhance the patron experience. At the forefront is the Drive-up book drop and pick-up window, offering convenience for busy individuals on the go. In response to the evolving needs of our community, the library now offers an expanded selection of study rooms, providing quiet and conducive environments for focused learning. Moreover, the addition of more flexible meeting spaces ensures versatility in accommodating various group sizes and activities. The inclusion of a dedicated program “create” space. Outdoor program areas and demonstration gardens further extend the library’s reach beyond its walls, offering opportunities for hands-on engagement with nature and sustainable practices. A key enhancement lies in the redesigned customer service approach, with a single service desk and an open-concept shelving area facilitating seamless navigation and personalized assistance. Importantly, all these features are seamlessly integrated on a single level, ensuring equitable access for all and streamlined supervision, reaffirming the Rolling Hills Library’s dedication to serving its community with excellence.

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