Genealogy Center Auditorium

Project Information

  • YEAR: 2019
  • CLIENT: Mid-Continent Public Library
  • SIZE: 400 Seat
  • TYPE: Addition
  • LOCATION: Independence, Missouri

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The goal of Mid-Continent Public Library’s Midwest Genealogy Center was to provide a fitting and appropriate facility to house the library’s nationally recognized, world-class collection. It includes a snack area, expanded research facilities, locker space and private meeting areas.

The Midwest Genealogy Center is the largest free-standing public Genealogy Center in the United States providing the nations most resources for family history.

The 400+ Seat auditorium is designed without fixed seats to allow for multiple configurations and uses. The wood slats superficial to the mat wall aids in framing the speaker and drawing the eye in, as well as providing a contemporary feel within a traditional designed facility. The acoustical panels break up the ceiling  in a dynamic pattern to assist with auditory purposes and visual enhancements.

This auditorium maximizes flexibility by using a ceiling-mounted operable wall system that can divide the space into four smaller configurations with the touch of a button.

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