Withers Branch Library

Project Information

  • YEAR: 2019
  • CLIENT: Mid-Continent Public Library
  • SIZE: 18,000 Sf
  • TYPE: New Construction
  • LOCATION: Liberty, Missouri

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Withers Branch Library

The new Withers Branch Library is 18,000 square feet, around 1,000 square feet larger than the current building at 1000 Kent St and was completed in late 2020.

One of the design goals of the Liberty Branch is to create a natural feel to the building using natural color schemes and even a natural moss wall made from nonliving moss sourced from the United States in North, South Carolina, and Florida will be the centerpiece as you enter the new building. Large windows will allow natural light to flood the space and large covered seating areas allow patrons to read outside.

In an effort to make the children’s area more interactive, one wall has different sized pegs children can place and remove, Another unique feature is the area’s acoustic cloud-lined ceiling, providing for optimal sound manipulation.

The library has all LED lighting, high-efficiency mechanical systems, dual flow water, low-flow toilet fixtures, and water bottle-filling fountain installations.

“We are creating a better space,” Community Relations and Planning Director Jim Staley said. “One that people want to spend time in.” ”

Design work for the Library’s Capital Plan is being completed by Sapp Design Architects and Helix Architecture + Design with JE Dunn assuming responsibility for construction contractor management

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