Polk County Library

Project Information

  • YEAR: 2023
  • CLIENT: Polk County Library
  • SIZE:
  • TYPE: Renovation
  • LOCATION: Bolivar, MO

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We are excited to see the Polk County-Library renovation project coming along nicely! This project is intended to help with function, use of space efficiency, and comfort. Over the past few years due to the pandemic, they had to shut down many community programs which had previously been growing. They want to relaunch those programs and start new ones to better serve the community. This renovation will create a facility that is going to offer a welcoming, comfortable, and multi-function space that the community can utilize. In addition, they want more flexibility within their spaces, and these changes will offer just that, along with providing opportunities for growth. We were also able to take unused square footage and get creative to convert it into new spaces for both program and general public use.

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