Polk County Library

Project Information

  • YEAR: 2024
  • CLIENT: Polk County Library
  • SIZE: 12,200 sf
  • TYPE: Renovation
  • LOCATION: Bolivar, MO

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The Polk County Library: A Renewed Vision for Community Connection

The Sapp Design team was tasked with reimagining the Polk County Library, transforming it into a vibrant hub that embraces the community’s evolving needs. We recognized that libraries today are more than shelves of books; they are dynamic spaces fostering collaboration, learning, and connection.

Designing for the Future

Our approach began with a strategic vision. In collaboration with the board of Trustees and library staff, we conducted community surveys to understand future requirements. This, coupled with tours of innovative library projects, solidified the importance of design flexibility. We realized the solution wasn’t physical expansion, but rather maximizing existing space.

Creating Adaptable Zones

The renovated library boasts a variety of zones catering to diverse users:

  • An Expanded Children’s Area: A playful space designed for reading, learning, and imaginative play, perfect for our youngest patrons.
  • A Dedicated Parent and Caregiver Zone: Adjacent to the children’s area, offering a relaxing space for adults to unwind or study.
  • A Teen Zone: Equipped with a gaming system to engage and entertain teenagers.
  • Flexible Meeting Rooms: Designed for various sizes and functions, these rooms cater to learning, collaboration, and study needs.
  • An Adult Reading and Relaxation Space: A sophisticated haven for adults to unwind, read, and explore new information.
  • An Outdoor Reading Space: A serene environment to enjoy nature and a good book.
  • An Efficient Staff Area: Streamlined for faster access to materials, ensuring a smoother library experience for patrons.

A Welcoming Transformation

The transformation extended beyond designated zones. We created a more inviting entrance by removing the wall separating the lobby from the main area, optimizing space and enhancing accessibility with automatic doors. A modern aesthetic featuring clear signage from the road further elevates the library’s presence. Finally, an outdoor patio provides an additional space to enjoy nature and engage with the community.

This project exemplifies Sapp Design’s commitment to creating adaptable and community-focused spaces.

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