Nixa Junior High

Project Information

  • YEAR: 2016
  • CLIENT: Nixa Public Schools
  • SIZE: 35,000 sq. ft.
  • TYPE: Renovations
  • LOCATION: Nixa, MO

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Nixa Junior High School is a compilation of non-master planned additions to an original six classroom school facility built in 1965. These various additions concluded in the lack of a school identity and school pride. School identity and school pride became the focus of the new additions and renovations while employing innovative solutions to incorporate modern design principles such as: Collaboration, Flexibility, Safety & Security, and Transparency.

Phase I of the additions introduces a new classroom wing that completes the circulation of the west side of the existing building. This addition allows for two complete “teams” to be added and includes two fully equipped science labs. The interior walls are non-load-bearing to allow for future renovations to take place.

Phase II is an Administration, Commons, & FEMA Safe Room addition and Art, Band, Classroom, & Kitchen renovations. These additions take place at the front of the building and create a new identity for the school that enhances school pride.

This design breaks the mold of the traditional stark brick & mortar schools commonly found in the area by using contrasting materials and creating an open and inviting feel.

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