Cherokee Middle School

Project Information

  • YEAR: 2010
  • CLIENT: Springfield R-12 Public Schools
  • SIZE: 124,000 sq. ft.
  • TYPE: Renovations
  • LOCATION: Springfield, MO

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Cherokee Middle School

Since the original construction in 1960 as an elementary school of only  24,850 s.f., Cherokee Middle School has undergone more than a dozen additions and renovations and became a sprawling complex of 106,000 square feet. Budget constraints prevented a total replacement of the complex.  A plan was developed for 1,000 students that reorganizes the key functions and provides a new image and school identity.

The plan included renovating 55,000 square feet and constructing 69,000 square feet of new space wrapping the east and north side of the complex.  This provided a new “main street” connecting random pieces of corridors, and allowing separation of each grade into “wings” or “houses” removed from public and common functions.  Thus, supervision, safety and security are greatly improved.  The solution provides a new commons, dining area, and a new front door.

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