From Master Planning To Project Planning

Posted By jumpsix – Mar 16 | 2018

Over the last year, Sapp Design has been excited to have been contracted by School of the Osage (SOTO) to develop a District Master Plan that would address the need of their 2,000 students and includes both of their campuses, four of their existing buildings, and all of their properties. The purpose of the plan was to evaluate the current utilization of educational spaces and campus layouts, taking into consideration projected future changes in enrolment. The plan was also intended to evaluate the existing conditions of the facilities.

The primary objective of this master plan was to determine the most educationally-effective and resource-efficient way to accommodate the students, teachers, and administrators of this facility. The process was focused on that goal throughout.

The process was initiated with a study of the demographic nature of the Community and District. Analysis of the facilities was also conducted to promote a safe, secure and comfortable environment for all involved. Growth was projected, program needs were assessed, and planning schemes were developed and coupled with funding options in order to achieve a logical and affordable planning solution.

Several alternative directions were developed. From these, Sapp Design, the School of the Osage School Board and Facility Planning Committee – with input and direction from community, faculty, and students – determined the most effective scenario.

The final Master Plan is a culmination of months of research, analysis, and planning evaluations. The Master Plan uses the findings from previous scenarios to create a ten-year plan allowing for flexibility in balancing the needs of the School District. One of the most important aspects of a Master Plan is the flexibility it provides. This plan can be modified beyond the ten-year period to coordinate with the School District’s funding.

In anticipation of the growing momentum toward “Next Gen Learning Environments,” as well as the fluctuations in enrolment experienced by the School of the Osage, flexibility has been a continuous factor in determining the longevity and multi-functionality of existing spaces. The objective to provide and maintain a level of flexibility in all of the existing and planned facilities has been influential in our recommendation for the Master Plan.

“Grow” into the Building
The Master Plan assessment assumes that there may be fluctuation in enrolment, as well as changes in educational methods and course content throughout the next ten years that may not be accounted for in today’s educational environment. These considerations indicate that the buildings should account for more than minimum standards. It is important during the master planning process to account for these considerations by recommending a solution that will allow School of the Osage to “grow” into their buildings instead of meeting a minimum standard with little room for growth or flexibility.

Final Recommendations 

The Master Plan Final Recommendations revealed the need for over 30 projects ranging from small renovations to major building additions to new facilities. The majority of these projects are managed to strategically time construction work and completion dates during summer months. In addition, the projects are sequenced to complete facilities and allow for the existing buildings to remain occupied during construction with minimal disruption.

The scope of projects includes major renovations to the High School Performing Arts areas, a new Technology and Arts addition – including an integrated STEM lab; athletic improvements, an overall campus design including a new Field House, and a new Concessions buildings. Also included are interior renovations, field improvements, civil improvements, electric service replacements, ADA upgrades, Safety and Security measures, and a new Early Childhood Center / Daycare facility.


Presenting At EdSpaces

Posted By bsapp – Oct 29 | 2017

This year Sapp Design was proud to present “Next Gen Education” at Ed Spaces 2017 National Conference to a crowd of dedicated educations, designers, independent manufacturers, and corporations. Our presentation focused on the science of learning, the impact of technology on education, potential partnerships in education, and review ed trends in the design of Next Generation Schools from Pre-K to 12th grade. We even showed off the new Springfield Public Schools Sherwood Elementary and their partnership with the Boys and Girls Club and talk about how is low energy design is performing in the top 5% of all schools in the United States according to Energy Star stats.

EDspaces is the premier event for the educational facilities marketplace to learn about trends and experience the latest products and services to enhance student learning.

Education leadership will join together to explore leadership challenges, strengthen skills, and build networks at ED spaces. This year speaker line up was people who advocate passionately about the power of education to equalize, uplift, and motivate. The conference also offered various breakout sessions throughout the day. Attendees choose areas of focus and then had the opportunity to dive deeper into issues we face as we work to transform education so all students have the chance to succeed. this conference was designed to encourage networking and give participants a chance to forge lifelong professional connections throughout the education sector and experience new product innovations.

New Round FEMA Funding!

Posted By bsapp – Jul 6 | 2017


The State of Missouri Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) is soliciting Hazard Mitigation Project Proposals. Your District may have received a letter from SEMA regarding requests for Notice of Interest for DR-4317 disaster declaration.


Through the Hazardous Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP), Fema Funding for Safe Rooms can cover up to 75% of the cost for constructing a facility that will provide near absolute protection during an EF-5 Tornado.


Our Team of Safe Room Experts is ready to help your district take the first step in pursuing a FEMA Safe Room Grant by submitting your Notice of Interest or NOI to FEMA/SEMA. Call us for an initial consultation and NOI Submission at NO COST to you. We are happy to explain the process of submitting for a safe room grant.


Nope no catch! Our Team is dedicated to assisting Districts and Communities across the State to provide Safe Refuge for our Children and Residents with FEMA 361 Safe Room Facilities. This specialized experience has armed our Team with the tools to successfully lead clients through all aspects of this Grant Program. We have the knowledge to help clients maximize their funds and administer their grant with ease.

Our Team is more than Safe Room Experts, with 30 years of educational planning experience we can assist your District not only in pursuing a grant, but help identify the best secondary use for a new safe room that is thoughtfully programmed into your current or new facilities.

Classrooms | Auditoriums | Gymnasiums | Cafeterias | Libraries | Performing Arts Centers | Band Rooms Locker Rooms | Multi-Purpose Rooms | Early Childhood Centers


Collectively our Team has over 130 Safe Rooms Built, under Construction or in process and our expertise as one of the leading Teams in the State on Safe Rooms can make building a safe room at your campus a simple process. Sapp Design has been a regular presenter on safe rooms at Missouri Safe Schools and MSBA over the last several years. Many districts are not aware that the new 2015 International Building Code (IBC) requires all Educational Facilities to provide a safe room designed to ICC 500 standards in any new additions or new construction to protect students and staff. A safe room grant can not only help protect your children, but help districts comply with new model building codes for any of your future expansions.


In addition to our expertise with Safe Rooms some of the services we can bring to your District are Master Planning, Capital Improvements, New Facilities, Renovations/Additions, Capital Campaigns, Safety and Security Enhancements, Energy Assessments and a variety of other services serving School Districts.

30,000 Safe Nights!

Posted By bsapp – Feb 10 | 2017

Harmony House – Domestic Violence Shelter Opens

Harmony House of Springfield Missouri provided safe emergency housing to families escaping domestic violence. The shelter provides, case management and advocacy to more than 700 women and children. Their mission is to help women break the cycle of domestic violence and live live free from abuse.

What started as an old three level hotel was drastically renovated to become a new domestic violence shelter for 160 people. The old shelter is more than 100 years old and had a capacity of only 100 beds. The new Harmony House features 160 beds and larger rooms that can sleep up to 4 people and have private bathrooms.This increased capacity equates to 30,000 safe nights of sleep. One of the new key features is a medical exam room overseen by Mercy Hospital nurses who will provide basic medical attention. The new space has conference areas, child care rooms, and a commercial kitchen.


Scenic Regional Libraries

Posted By bsapp – Jan 16 | 2017

Scenic Regional Library approved a two- year $12.8 Million plan to replace and/or upgrade seven branch libraries, covering three rural counties just west of St. Louis. JEMA Architects, a local St Louis architecture firm, teamed with Sapp Design for our extensive library planning and design experience. As the Design Architect of Record our team worked with the various communities and with the Library Director, Steve Campbell, to create new landmark Libraries, each one being unique to their community while at the same time having a consistent “brand” or image throughout the library district.

Phase I of the plan involves seven of the nine branch locations: All of the new and upgraded branches will have designated areas for Teens and Children, and quiet Adult reading areas, new study rooms, meeting room space, outdoor space, and a drive up book drop.  The goal is to provide improved services and amenities, and opportunities.  The Libraries of this new century are as much a Community Center as they are Media and Information Centers.

Owensville’s new branch will be built on a 1.0 acre site that is a portion of the former Owensville Elementary School 3-5 Center property. This new branch will replace the current 2,500 square feet; the new facility will be approximately 6,100 square feet.

New Haven’s new 4,500 sf branch will be built on a 1.5-acre site donated to the library by long-time resident Agnes Meyer.

Pacific’s, new 10,000 sf facility will replace the current 4,100 branch and will be built on the corner of Rose Lane and Lamar Parkway.

Sullivan’s new 9800 sf branch will be built on Cumberland Way.

Warrenton’s, the library will expand the existing 9000 sf building to 12,000 sf on an adjacent .5 acre lot.

2015 Solar Decathlon

Posted By bsapp – Aug 3 | 2015

This past weekend, Sapp Design Architects decided to put our muscle where our mouth is regarding energy efficiency and cutting-edge, high-tech design. The firm volunteered to help out on the Crowder College and Drury University’s Design-Build Solar Decathlon House. Our own summer intern, Jonas Gassmann, a Drury University Architecture student, leads the volunteer efforts and is also one of the Designers of this amazing project.  Once completed, the house will be deconstructed and shipped to Irvine, California. Once in California the house will be reconstructed and monitored for its energy efficiency under real-world conditions. The Crowder/Drury team will then be judged against other teams from across the U.S.

A full look at the project can be seen here

About the Competition:

This national competition by the  U.S. Department of Energy challenges collegiate teams to design, build, and operate solar-powered houses that are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and attractive. The winner of the competition is the team that best blends affordability, consumer appeal, and design excellence with optimal energy production and maximum efficiency.

2014 AIA Springfield Design Awards

Posted By bsapp – May 5 | 2014

On May 2, 2014, Sapp Design Associates Architects, P.C. was presented with three American Institute of Architects (AIA) Springfield Design Awards given at  the DA 2014 Awards Ceremony.  Each submission was judged by both a Public and a Professional Jury. Sapp Design is very grateful for its two Public Recognition Awards and one Honorable Mention Award. This year’s awards were given to Mid-Continent Public Library’Woodneath Library Center, Joplin School’s Irving Elementary, and Baxter County’s Donald W. Reynolds Library.

Every two years the Springfield Chapter of the AIA holds a  reception and design awards program to recognize exceptional architecture in our community.  Projects are judged by a jury of architectural professionals and a separate public jury.  This year’s professional jury was headed by Carlos Jiménez, a distinguished Architect and Professor at Rice University, and the public jury consisted of Nancy Chickaraishi – Hammons School of Architecture,  Jonathan Gano – City of Springfield Public Works, Nick Nelson – Springfield Art Museum, Chris Rozier – Chamber of Commerce, Ryan Allison – Convention Visitor Bureau, and Jason Graf – Crowdit.

Thank you to the juries for all their gracious comments, and a very special thanks to our clients, because great projects can’t happen without great Clients!

Woodneath Library Opens

Posted By bsapp – Jun 24 | 2013

We would like to congratulate the Mid Continent Public Library on the opening of its newest 35,000 sf. Library! The new Woodneath Library Center is the final product of nearly 6 years of work!  There was an overwhelming crowd of 3000 people at this past weekends grand opening and a great speech from Chuck Pryor who represented the family who had lived in the house for many generations. Clay County Commissioner, Pamela Mason said,”This library is a true 22nd-century modern library!”

This library center connects an 1850’a antebellum farm house to a modern state-of-the-art library. The Library is also environmentally friendly and although it is not certified by USGBC the library was built to LEED Silver specifications. This new library includes many amenities such as public meeting areas, an automated collection sorting system, a drive-thru window, considerable computer resources, private study areas, and an area dedicated to food service! The collection areas are divided into spaces that serve appropriate age groups, with the individual areas separated by seating and reading areas. The children’s library is themed in an agricultural setting to pay homage to the rich history of the homestead’s past.


This library center connects an 1850’a antebellum farmhouse to a modern state-of-the-art library. The Library is also environmentally friendly and although it is not certified by USGBC the library was built to LEED Silver specifications. This new library includes many amenities such as public meeting areas, an automated collection sorting system, a drive thru window, considerable computer resources, private study areas, and an area dedicated to food service! The collection areas are divided into spaces that serve appropriate age groups, with the individual areas separated by seating and reading areas. The children’s library is themed in an agricultural setting to pay homage to the rich history of the homestead’s past.

More Function at the Junction with a Fusion Facility

Posted By bsapp – Apr 30 | 2013

How does a community spark a downtown revival, provide much needed gathering space, expand city programs and promote health and wellness-all on a very limited budget? One method is through “fusion”

More Function at the Junction is a great article on the Carl Junction Community written by our own Kristi Beattie. See  page 34

2 Outstanding Projects Published in Learning By Design

Posted By bsapp – Apr 16 | 2013

Sapp Design Associates is pleased to announce that two of our recent 21st Century Educational Projects have received Outstanding Project Awards in Learning by Design’s much-anticipated Spring 2013 edition, showcasing the nation’s best educational design and construction projects, from Pre-k through 12th  to College and University Facilities. The projects from Sapp Design where Summit Intermediate, Nixa, Missouri and Irving Elementary, Joplin, Missouri. Both of these projects feature Outstanding 21st Century Design Solutions customized for each client.

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