Master Planning To Project Planning

Posted By Sapp Design – Mar 16 | 2018

Over the last year, Sapp Design has been excited to have been contracted by School of the Osage (SOTO) to develop a District Master Plan that would address the need of their 2,000 students and includes both of their campuses, four of their existing buildings, and all of their properties. The purpose of the plan was to evaluate the current utilization of educational spaces and campus layouts, taking into consideration projected future changes in enrolment. The plan was also intended to evaluate the existing conditions of the facilities.

The primary objective of this master plan was to determine the most educationally-effective and resource-efficient way to accommodate the students, teachers, and administrators of this facility. The process was focused on that goal throughout.

The process was initiated with a study of the demographic nature of the Community and District. Analysis of the facilities was also conducted to promote a safe, secure and comfortable environment for all involved. Growth was projected, program needs were assessed, and planning schemes were developed and coupled with funding options in order to achieve a logical and affordable planning solution.

Several alternative directions were developed. From these, Sapp Design, the School of the Osage School Board and Facility Planning Committee – with input and direction from community, faculty, and students – determined the most effective scenario.

The final Master Plan is a culmination of months of research, analysis, and planning evaluations. The Master Plan uses the findings from previous scenarios to create a ten-year plan allowing for flexibility in balancing the needs of the School District. One of the most important aspects of a Master Plan is the flexibility it provides. This plan can be modified beyond the ten-year period to coordinate with the School District’s funding.

In anticipation of the growing momentum toward “Next Gen Learning Environments,” as well as the fluctuations in enrolment experienced by the School of the Osage, flexibility has been a continuous factor in determining the longevity and multi-functionality of existing spaces. The objective to provide and maintain a level of flexibility in all of the existing and planned facilities has been influential in our recommendation for the Master Plan.

“Grow” into the Building
The Master Plan assessment assumes that there may be fluctuation in enrolment, as well as changes in educational methods and course content throughout the next ten years that may not be accounted for in today’s educational environment. These considerations indicate that the buildings should account for more than minimum standards. It is important during the master planning process to account for these considerations by recommending a solution that will allow School of the Osage to “grow” into their buildings instead of meeting a minimum standard with little room for growth or flexibility.

Final Recommendations 

The Master Plan Final Recommendations revealed the need for over 30 projects ranging from small renovations to major building additions to new facilities. The majority of these projects are managed to strategically time construction work and completion dates during summer months. In addition, the projects are sequenced to complete facilities and allow for the existing buildings to remain occupied during construction with minimal disruption.

The scope of projects includes major renovations to the High School Performing Arts areas, a new Technology and Arts addition – including an integrated STEM lab; athletic improvements, an overall campus design including a new Field House, and a new Concessions buildings. Also included are interior renovations, field improvements, civil improvements, electric service replacements, ADA upgrades, Safety and Security measures, and a new Early Childhood Center / Daycare facility.


Ground Breaking at Waynesville High School

Posted By bsapp – Apr 16 | 2012

Last week, the SDA Team broke ground on a complex project involving multiple additions and renovation at Waynesville High School. The additions are required to support a rapidly growing community and include additions for a separate 9th wing and expand the Cafeteria and Library spaces. Many athletic improvements will be made with help from a new athletic complex that consist of a synthetic turf football filed and track, new grandstands that can seat 3,000 people and two new field houses. We are very excited about this project and the opportunity to work with the Waynesville school district on another great project.

Joplin Students Help with the Design of their New School.

Posted By bsapp – Jan 31 | 2012

Since the tornado that struck Joplin on May 22, 2011, Sapp Design Associates Architects has been working closely with the Joplin School District on projects like the 65-day rebuild of the Franklin Technology Center and now the design of the new Irving Elementary School. For months we have been working with teachers, parents and administrators to  formulate a sound plan for the new school.

Tuesday 1/31/2012, was a very exciting day for the design team because we got the opportunity to work with a very enthusiast group of Joplin Elementary School Students on what they thought their new school should look like. Through a series of slide shows, word games and one-on-one interaction, the team was able to gain information that will truly affect how this elementary school is designed. The input we received was anything but elementary – no pun intended. The feedback from the students was truly useful information with comments such as “we like windows but not the glare on the smart boards” and “I like big open spaces.” Overwhelmingly, the one design element they all agreed on was COLOR and MORE COLOR!!! Now, our task is to interpret the student’s concerns and ideas into a design that will be a school for the 21st Century.

Opening Clever Performing Arts Center

Posted By bsapp – Nov 20 | 2011

The Clever R-V School District celebrated the opening of their new Performing Arts Center with messages from local representatives, music performances, and theater presentations.  The new Performing Arts Center is an addition to the existing high school, which was constructed in 2008.  The Performing Arts Center was part of the long range master plan for the site, and accommodations were made for the Center in the original design of the high school.  The new Performing Arts Center seats up to 551 patrons, and includes 510 fixed seats, with space for (2) additional rows of movable seating.  Also included in the addition was a new lobby area, ticket booth, and drama classroom. Currently, Clever’s band and vocal music departments share a single teaching space in the existing high school facility.  However, construction is ongoing for a new band room on the southwest side of the Performing Arts Center.  The band room addition will double as a FEMA 361 Tornado Safe Room, and will provide a safe and secure location for the high school students, faculty and staff, as well as the surrounding community, during high wind storms.