Prime Trucking Inc.

Project Information

  • YEAR: 1995
  • CLIENT: Prime Trucking Inc.
  • SIZE: N/A
  • TYPE: Major Renovation
  • LOCATION: Springfield, MO

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Prime Trucking Inc.

Prime Trucking  is  a 1,000-truck transportation company had experienced such overwhelming growth that the existing headquarters could no longer accommodate the staff or associated tasks involved with running this national firm. The challenge was to keep their multi-million dollar operation running 24-hours-a-day and keep the 25-acre transportation facility unobstructed. A strategic design and construction-sequencing schedule was developed to assist the designers, contractors, and owners in coordinating necessary temporary transitions.

A special set of construction documents was developed to direct the contractor’s operations and provisions for temporary construction elements. The new construction wrapped the existing building envelope and once complete the staff were moved into the new area, so the existing structure could be fully gutted and renovated. The contractor was limited on site availability and was also required to work evening shifts. The result is an extremely satisfied client, who has a new appreciation for Design Excellence.

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