Digital Monitoring Products

Project Information

  • YEAR:
  • CLIENT: Digital Monitoring Products
  • SIZE: N/A
  • TYPE: New Construction
  • LOCATION: Springfield, MO

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Digital Monitoring Products

The challenge was to create an open and inviting building, which takes full advantage of its generous site at the main entrance to the city’s newest industrial park. Digital Monitoring Products desired a high-tech structure, a warm interior environment and a new “corporate” identity for a company that competes nationally. The building was not to portray an industrial style, but was to have its own unique imagery. The two primary program functions required different scales and were incorporated into a contemporary, pre-cast concrete and glass structure. A two-story, transparent atrium and a large, penetrating, precast concrete wall visually link the building’s forms and provide a strong linear axis with the park entrance. The building was rotated and skewed on the site to give it an appearance of a larger structure.

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