Marshfield Parks & Recreation

Project Information

  • YEAR: 2022
  • CLIENT: City of Marshfield
  • SIZE: 40+ Acres
  • TYPE: Master Planning
  • LOCATION: Marshfield, Mo

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Patriot Park

Concept Design

Marshfield is a community of 7,300 people, and is proud of their heritage, including the birthplace of astronomer, Edwin Hubble.  There is a rich culture of honoring and commemorating individuals and organizations that have served their community as patriots and heroes, so their commitment and sacrifices are not forgotten. 

Sapp Design conducted a prelim Master Plan process of a 40-acre city-owned property in 2017 with the primary purpose of identifying a location for a new city pool and Activity Complex.

Through a community forum, the land was dedicated as Patriot Park – in honor of those citizens. 

Sapp Design conducted a Value-based workshop and developed a preliminary Concept Plan that will include various levels of celebratory symbols and places, from the incidental plaque or honorary park bench to more grand plaza spaces and/or monuments (such as a bronze eagle at a key focal point of the park.)

The client specifically chose not to focus the park on somber recollection, or cemetery-like memorials, but instead to celebrate the freedom and privileges that are afforded as a result of the commitment of those special men and women.  (Yet at selected locations to still honor and remember the ultimate sacrifice that many of those individuals have given.)


Primarily, keep the park as organic and natural as possible, by minimizing the impact of parking, and maintaining the natural setting and trees where possible.

  • Pedestrian-focused, family-oriented, respectful, and thoughtful in nature.
  • Create opportunities for impromptu events and activities not yet imagined by staff and planners.
  • Address the growing pressure for regional team sport venues: Baseball, softball, soccer, etc.
  • Playscapes for all ages, particularly directed toward age groups that benefit most from increased activity. 
  • An on-site trail with fitness stations, which can also be opportunities to celebrate local heroes, through naming or engraved notations, etc.
  • Open recreation space for undefined play, dog walking, kite flying, etc.
  • Shade and gathering spaces that range from full-service covered pavilions for family and other group gatherings to minimal shade structures nestled along the trail
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