Aurora Recreation and Event Center

Project Information

  • YEAR: 2023
  • CLIENT: City of Aurora
  • SIZE: 32,700 SF
  • TYPE: New Construction
  • LOCATION: Aurora, Mo

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Aurora Recreation and Event Center

The Aurora Recreation and Event Center will be a remarkable 32,700 sf facility designed to unite and engage the community. Nestled on a sprawling 24-acre site, this center offers an array of amenities for fitness, wellness, and community events.

Upon entry, a large open lobby and gathering area divides the recreation and event spaces. The lobby features a marketplace concessions stand tucked under the main staircase. On the recreation side, there are two fitness studios and a gymnasium that boasts a full-length basketball court, perfect for engaging in thrilling games of basketball, volleyball, and pickleball. Ascent to the second-floor track overlooking the lower level, granting users a unique view of the bustling lobby and gymnasium below. As you explore the facility, there are carefully placed windows that frame beautiful views across the expansive property, creating a serene and inspiring atmosphere.

The center blends spaces dedicated to recreation with areas designated for hosting events. The flexible 3,000 sf event space effortlessly adapts to accommodate a large gathering or can be divided into three separate rooms, allowing for a range of event and recreation possibilities. Moreover, the fitness studio on the first floor opens up to a back patio, creating an ideal setting for invigorating indoor/outdoor fitness classes.

The architectural design beautifully harmonizes aesthetics and function. On the event side, the use of the masonry adds an air of formality, while the recreation side exudes a vibrant and contemporary energy. The exterior showcases a striking display of metal panels, wrapping the track perimeter with varying sizes that create a visually pleasing arrangement of vertical striations, adding intrigue to the building’s façade. The majority of glazing and taller sections of the building are positioned on the North side, offering a striking impression as you approach

the site. The parking is thoughtfully located at the south side of the building near the front door, ensuring easy access for visitors, while staying out of view of the main roadway.

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