Houston High School

Project Information

  • YEAR:
  • CLIENT: Houston R-1 School District
  • SIZE: N/A
  • TYPE: Renovation/Additions
  • LOCATION: Houston, MO

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Bridging Two Schools

The oldcampus environment where students and instructors move in/out from building to building throughout the day creates an environment where it is difficult to monitor the safety of our students.  The recent closure of the “Arts” building has taken several classrooms and support spaces out of the system and has forced the displacement of these classroom spaces into the other already crowded classroom facilities.  The old library has limited seating for classroom instruction and based on DESE recommendations and does not meet the minimum standards for the number of students being served.  Additionally, the small size of the current cafeteria facility requires lunch periods to be spread out and requires 4th period to be split before/after lunch.

The monies generated by the passage of the bond issue and the 43 cent levy provided funds to construct a two story addition including a library *media center), classrooms and a cafeteria.  The complete high school would provide internal connectivity within each building, thereby improving campus security.

Another high-quality project completed by Sapp Design, an education architectural firm in the Springfield, Missouri area.

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