East Elementary

Project Information

  • YEAR: 2011
  • CLIENT: Waynesville Public Schools
  • SIZE: 54,000 sq. ft.
  • TYPE: Additions & Renovation
  • LOCATION: Waynesville, MO

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East Elementary School

The Waynesville East Elementary School project was very unique and challenging. The existing K-2 elementary school was a result of multiple additions by various architects, culminating in an overall school layout that was fraught with spatial organizational problems. As devoted as the staff and administration are, their effectiveness was decreased by poor spatial relationships.  In this case, one side of the school (the kindergarten), could not physically go to the other side of the building (the first/second grade wing) without passing through the always-crowded multipurpose cafeteria/auditorium space.

We designed an addition at the front of the building that housed one main administration suite, one well-marked secured main entrance with high visibility of the bus/parking lot, and all of the new corridors leading to various areas of the building.   Secondly, we expanded the front bus/visitor parking lot to accommodate visitors and buses, which are now able to coexist. Furthermore, we did all of this work during the summer vacation of 2011. Now that’s great planning!

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