Kristin Harr

Business Manager

Kristin is a living example of the motto work hard, play hard. When she is in her office with her door closed, she is focused and in her work zone, but when she walks out she is usually singing through the halls or making her coworkers laugh. She graduated from Missouri State University with a degree in Fine Arts, and her artistic talents coupled with her business and administrative background has given her the eye for detail and organizational skills that she needs to get her job done. Kristin is responsible for tasks such as invoicing, payroll, end of year taxes, human resources and everything else that keeps this well-oiled machine going. The architects around the office don’t know how she does it all, but they are definitely thankful for her. On the weekend, Kristin is probably working in her garden, camping or dreaming about traveling.

Best Advice: “Give it all up to God.


Fine Arts
Missouri State University