Jim Leckrone

CADD | Revit Manager

When many of us are just waking up in the morning for work, Jim has already started his day at the office. His true love for the architecture industry has led him to gain over 35 years of experience, 18 of which have been with Sapp Design. Jim’s contributions to the team go beyond his role as CAD Manager. Known around the office for his eternal optimism and ability to find the joy in every situation allows him to build positive relationships with not only his teammates, but also the clients and contractors he works with on a daily basis. Jim’s responsibility as a draftsman and architectural technician for the firm has him preparing construction documents and shop drawings that go out for bid and connecting with contractors and clients to ensure the project requirements are being met. He handles the technical side of construction documents and is responsible for developing, implementing and enforcing CAD standards.

Growing up in Branson, MO, Jim developed a love for the great outdoors and more specifically, fly-fishing. In fact, there is a good chance that if he isn’t working, he’s tying his own flies or planning his next fishing trip.