Brandon White

Architectural Designer

Architectural Designer

Eager, easygoing and creative—these words describe Brandon in a nutshell. As a Colorado native and one of the newest architects to join the Sapp Design team, he brings a fresh design perspective to projects. He graduated from Drury University with a Master of Architecture and is heavily involved with the initial stages of a project. His software and graphics expertise allow him to create visual representations of what a client’s building will look like. In addition to schematic design, he loves using his creative talents to design marketing materials for clients to help them introduce their new facility to the public. Valuing graphic design as equally impactful as built design, he enjoys working on the occasional wall graphic, presentation, render, masterplan or logo.

A self-described adrenaline junkie, Brandon likes to snowboard, travel and watch action-filled Sci-Fi movies in his free time. Still calling Drury University home, he loves nothing more than a calm afternoon spent on campus with his fiancée and puppy.

Best Advice: “Never go grocery shopping when you are hungry.”


Masters of Architecture
Drury University