5700 Hours Later!

Posted By bsapp – Aug 7 | 2017

At this milestone occasion, we are pleased to announce that Devon Burke has achieved licensure as an Architect in the State of Missouri. Our team is extremely proud of Devon and her dedication to her professional path and the strengths she brings to our now team of 12 licensed architects!

What people might not know is the journey to becoming an Architect is not an easy one. It begins with a Bachelor of Architecture degree from a five-year accredited program, which deprives students of nearly four years of sleep. (Devon surpassed this requirement with a Masters degree from Drury University.) Then come the thousands of hours of architectural experience under an already licensed architect that are required by the Architectural Experience Program (AXP). During this time, you are basically doing what an architect does, but you can’t call yourself an architect. (You can’t even call yourself an architectural intern anymore!) And finally, a candidate must pass the grueling Architect Registration Exam (ARE), a series of exams that test your competence as an architect.