We would like to congratulate the Mid Continent Public Library on the opening of its newest 35,000 sf. Library! The new Woodneath Library Center is the final product of nearly 6 years of work!  There was an overwhelming crowd of 3000 people at this past weekends grand opening and a great speech from Chuck Pryor who represented the family who had lived in the house for many generations. Clay County Commissioner, Pamela Mason said,”This library is a true 22nd century modern library!”

This library center connects an 1850’a antebellum farm house to a modern state-of-the-art library. The Library is also environmentally friendly and although it is not certified by USGBC the library was built to LEED Silver specifications. This new library includes many amenities such as public meeting areas, an automated collection sorting system, a drive thru window, considerable computer resources, private study areas, and an area dedicated to food service! The collection areas are divided into spaces that serve appropriate age groups, with the individual areas separated by seating and reading areas. The children’s library is themed in an agricultural setting to pay homage to the rich history of the homestead’s past.